Powerful data
reporting tool
at your fingertips

Interactive Visibility

Drill down visibility, fully implemented, configurable and with specific permissions and customised notifications.

Interactive data with drill down and drill out features

Configure your software to give you the viewpoints that matter to you

Set up notifications to inform you of critical information points

Encourage collaboration and communication

Present macro but deliver micro.

Cost Control

Identification of existing spend allows better cost control, forecasting and financial planning.

We give quick insights on where your spending your money and why

We encourage effective cash flow management

Your insights inform us both on where savings can be made

We identify hot spots where things can be done better

Savings Delivery

Identify savings opportunities and manage these through to delivery to reduce your costs.

We help you deliver savings plans getting more bang for buck.

We identify where money is being wasted, and help you resolve that.

We are independent, and offer the best solutions which help you succeed.

We consult, design, negotiate and deliver.

Easy Setup

No need to invest your time and design your own solution. Use our best practice methods.

No weighty implementations or hidden costs.

We configure to your needs, simply and efficiently.

Our best practice methods typically work best.

Simple, but effective.

Data Protection

We invest heavily in security and data protection so your conscience is clear and your data is safe.

Data Level Security: Deepest levels of security with specific policies at database level and secured data centres

Access Control: Define and limit permissions and customise database visibility without your platform environment

Report and Dashboard Control: ArrowHead gives you precise control. You can designate data controls, limiting the attack surface

Field Level Access: Specifically provide the proper permissions for relevant departments

Role Based Access: Grant exact privileges for specific databases and tailor user experiences

Mobile Friendly

No phone apps required, Arrowhead is responsively designed to work on desktop and mobile displays.

Interactive data analytics on the go, allowing you to drill down and use powerful filters and views

Arrowhead is responsively designed, meaning it responds to whatever screen size you give us to display your data correctly

Our servers are SSL protected ensuring security isn’t compromised on a mobile device

Tables have the full interface allowing you to compose new documents and complete tasks

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