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In search of more cost-effective marketing solutions? You’ve come to the right place. Our team of marketing procurement experts have years of experience sourcing and contracting marketing professionals across the UK. From digital marketing professionals to PR specialists – our extensive experience working with SMEs has left us with a broad range of connections across the marketing industry.

Read on to find out more about what marketing procurement encompasses and how we can help your marketing team to develop and execute your procurement strategy, including:

What is Marketing Procurement?

How can our Marketing Procurement team help your business?

Digital innovation procurement

Why work with us?

What is Marketing Procurement?

Marketing is a fundamental aspect of every business, helping organisations to enhance brand awareness, generate new leads and ultimately, convert new customers. In a world where increasing numbers of businesses are entering the market every day, common marketing initiatives are becoming saturated and extremely competitive. As such, a successful and innovative marketing strategy is now fundamental to your organisational success.

Furthermore, with the rapid pace of digital innovation, the world of advertising is constantly evolving – from social media to virtual reality experiences. Whereas once, businesses may have been able to rely upon their in-house marketing team, businesses must now look to keep ahead of new trends through outsourcing niche talent and creative solutions.

With marketing services procurement, our team of dedicated procurement experts help to source the best marketing professionals in your industry at competitive pricing. Marketing procurement comprises a huge range of services and software, including (but not limited to):

  1. Advertising
  2. Analysis & reporting
  3. Brand ambassadorship & influencer marketing
  4. CRM
  5. Content & media creation
  6. Data processing
  7. Digital capabilities
  8. Internal communications
  9. Market research
  10. Mobile optimisation
  11. Point of sale
  12. Print marketing
  13. Product demonstration
  14. Promotional merchandise
  15. Search Engine Optimisation
  16. Visual merchandising
  17. Word-of-mouth

Within each of these areas of marketing, we can assist your business in the procurement of new talent, software or in-house capabilities to enhance organisational success and drive down the associated costs.

How can our Marketing Procurement team help your business?

The complexity of different marketing services combined with the number of service providers available can make it both frustrating and time consuming for businesses to source new marketing suppliers. Our team are on hand to understand your marketing requirements and to alleviate the hassle of sourcing new creative solutions. We will work with your team to analyse your existing marketing spend along with your current return-on-investment (ROI) and will use the information to develop a new procurement strategy in line with your business vision.

Our team look to ensure a seamless experience – from consultation to end-of-project reporting. We manage all aspects of the procurement process including request for tenders (RFT) and sub-contractor drafting. Additionally, our marketing procurement professionals will:

Manage service providers:

Liaise with the contracted suppliers to ensure the smooth day-to-day running of external marketing activities.

Monitor efficiency

Through regular reporting and establishing KPIs, we will ensure that service providers remain on track to fulfil their deliverables

Deal with poor performance

We save our clients the hassle of dealing with unsatisfactory service providers by having the difficult conversations for you! When necessary, our team will step in to discuss poor performance with suppliers and will establish a plan to rectify the situation.

Identify new capabilities:

Through developing strong relationships with suppliers, we aim to learn more about their skills and expertise, including establishing further capabilities which may be of use to your business.

Optimise ROI:

Our team are hardwired to continuously analyse ROI and ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck! We work with suppliers to assess performance and see where we can tweak activities to enhance ROI.

Stay on top of new innovations

Marketing in the digital era is constantly evolving. Our dedicated team of marketing procurement specialists are always in the loop with new marketing trends and innovations, read to make recommendations to your business and ensure you are ahead of competitors.

Digital innovation procurement

For good reason, digital innovation is quickly becoming the central focus of many organisations’ marketing procurement strategies – creating new opportunities to connect with potential buyers as well as improving distribution processes and internal communication

.At Arrowhead we help businesses to establish innovation opportunities and to source and implement the relevant digital solutions. With a dedicated in-house transformation director, our team offers outstanding experience in delivering technology transformation projects across various industries including with Capgemini, ARM and Arriva as well as the formation of a multimillion-pound technology solutions business.

Why work with us?

At Arrowhead procurement, we look to drive our client’s ROI through contracting skilled professionals with proven experience and success in their niche area of expertise. Our established relationship with many of these service providers puts is in a unique position as your chosen procurement specialists, able to negotiate the best rates for the marketing services and supplies that your business requires.

With procurement specialists on hand, collectively we have over 30 years of combined experience assisting SME businesses with their procurement needs.

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