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Looking to consult a procurement expert? Look no further. At Arrowhead we offer procurement consulting and software solutions across a diverse range of areas. With specialists in all areas of procurement we have the skills and expertise to guide you through the procurement process, including devising a procurement strategy for your next business venture and equipping your stakeholders and wider team members with the skills and capabilities to manage procurement on an ongoing basis.

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What is Procurement Consulting and how can it help your business?

Do you need procurement strategy consulting?

How we develop in-house capabilities

Our global Procurement Consultant services

What to consider before selecting a procurement consulting firm

Why choose us for Procurement Consulting

What is Procurement Consulting and how can it help your business?

Procurement consulting companies assist businesses with putting in place a strategy for the acquisition of new services and supplies as well as the optimisation of internal communications and processes.

A focused procurement strategy is essential for business success, ensuring that an organisation meets its goals – whether that be user experience related, profitability, sustainability – or something else entirely.

At Arrowhead we have 30 years of combined experience guiding our clients through the procurement process, helping you to strategize for success. Our procurement advisory services can help you to:

Develop supplier relationships

Enhance operational efficiency

Gain market share

Increase profitability

Innovate areas of your business

Reduce supplier costs

Streamline your supply chain

Seeking an independent procurement consultant can also help your business to look beyond your existing activities and to establish new opportunities for growth and competitive differentiation.

Do you need procurement strategy consulting?

A procurement strategy should be a fundamental part of every organisation’s ongoing business development. As previously outlined, a thorough procurement strategy helps to root out any activities that aren’t delivering a high ROI and seeks new opportunities to enhance profitability and competitiveness.

Whilst a procurement strategy should be a priority for all organisations, those looking to transform key aspects of their business such as through digital innovation, international expansion or customer relationship management will particularly benefit from procurement consulting services.

Our sourcing consultants also prove invaluable for businesses experiencing rapid growth. Consultants are able help organisations to put in place the necessary systems to acquire new talent, outsource further help and establish new contractors.

Finally, consultants can also assist stakeholders with procurement strategy development, offering their expertise in supplier acquisition and management to scope out procurement plans. Similarly, a purchasing consultant can advise you on how to approach and negotiate better rates from your suppliers.

Developing in-house capabilities

Unlike procurement management, procurement management consultancy will allow your organisation to keep hold of the reigns with your procurement strategy development – helping to equip your team with the key analytical skills and processes to manage your procurement strategy on an ongoing basis.

We work with your team to cultivate strategic capabilities; from the skills needed to develop new supplier relationships and critical analyses to operational efficiencies such as establishing procure-to-pay (P2P) integrations.

Our procurement consultancy services are an excellent way to ensure long-term development and growth for your organisation, creating a work-culture geared towards strategic development.

Global Procurement Consultants

Seeking talent and reliable suppliers in international locations presents a challenge for most businesses – particularly in an era where international travel may not always be possible! Our global procurement consultants have extensive knowledge and experience working with foreign markets; able to establish and develop relationships with suppliers across multiple industries as your business expands into new territories. We can also offer our expertise on the logistical management of international suppliers, helping you to put in place the infrastructure to manage transportation of goods and external communication networks.

We also work with global organisations to optimise inter-party processes and communications, using both digital innovation and developing operational capabilities to streamline processes between multi-national groups.

With global procurement, our aim remains simple – to streamline your internal processes and to mitigate the risks of establishing new supplier relationships, such as inflated costs and international exporting regulations.

What to consider before selecting a procurement consulting firm

With procurement strategies offering potentially huge benefits for your business, it is important to ensure that you select the right procurement consulting firm, able to provide you with the best advice for your industry and area of procurement.

When sourcing consulting services, key factors to look out for include:

Evidenced success working with other businesses in your industry area. This could be in the form of case studies, reviews or through word-of-mouth recommendations

An experienced team of procurement professionals, with notable work experience for relevant organisations

Free discovery call or consultation to discuss your requirements and to explore potential solutions

Ensure that your creative processes and working styles are aligned

Case studies showing previous success in similar projects

Why choose us for Procurement Consulting?

We believe that too much of the business world is conducted in the shadows. Unscrupulous suppliers, hidden costs and failure to deliver what was promised.

Our procurement strategy equips your business with the knowledge and skills to protect yourself, reduce your costs and be on the front foot when making purchase decisions.

We believe in transparency, fairness and openness and we forge all of our supplier relationships in line with this ethos, ensuring that both clients and suppliers are on the same page from day one. By instilling this in your own organisation’s procurement activities, your team can learn to reduce costly mistakes and miscommunications and generate positive and profitable, long-term relationships with your suppliers.

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