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In search of IT Procurement Services? You’ve landed on the right page. Here at Arrowhead our team of procurement experts have over 30 years of combined experience in IT procurement management and consultancy. With experience working with brands such as Fujitsu and Accenture as well as a number of SME clients, our team knows how to drive down IT costs for businesses across a number of industries – no matter what your size or procurement needs.

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What is IT Procurement?

How can IT procurement management help your business?

IT transformation procurement

IT security procurement

Why choose us as your trusted IT procurement specialists?

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What is IT Procurement?

Nowadays, information technology (IT) systems play a pivotal role in most organisations’ operations, worldwide. From customer-relationship management tools (CRMs) to complex supply chain management, IT systems span across a number of different departments. As such, IT suppliers and services are in high-demand across a number of industries – often resulting in inflated pricing and agencies that are over-trading their services.

Information technology procurement is the process of analysing your business’ IT needs and assessing where changes can be made to reduce costs and enhance efficiency. IT procurement spans a huge range of services and can include:

IT hardware procurement:

Monitors, mobile devices, LaserJetprinters, network servers & wireless routers

IT software procurement:

Accounting &billing, payroll, databases, security, desktop, website building, marketing etc.

Technology procurement:

AI assistant, robotic process automation (RPA) low-code applications

IT services procurement:

Software patches, security updates and management, software support, hardware support

Global IT procurement:

international suppliers, inter-party communication systems, cloud-servers etc.

How can IT procurement management help your business?

IT systems have an integral role in most businesses and as such, systems must operate efficiently to ensure the day-to-day smooth running of your business activities. Furthermore, with IT constantly evolving, it is important for businesses to stay on top of new capabilities to maintain their competitive position in the market. Nonetheless, IT supplies and contractors can be pricey, so it is important to ensure that contracts are cost-effective – delivering your business value for money.

At Arrowhead, our IT procurement experts will work with your team to thoroughly understand your IT needs, whether you’re looking to develop a small aspect of your IT processes or need a firm-wide IT transformation.  Our team will then reach out to relevant IT service providers and suppliers for tenders. Having worked with a huge range of clients, we’ve developed relationships with a range of providers, ensuring that you have access to the best IT procurement contracts on the market.

IT Transformation procurement

In today’s digital era it is unsurprising that many businesses are turning to procurement firms to design and implement organisation-wide IT transformations. IT innovations present businesses with smarter and faster technologies that can improve internal processes and better align organisational activities with business goals and consumer demand. The side-effect of implementing such innovations include more streamlined supply chain management, enhanced customer experience, increased profitability and lower production costs.

At Arrowhead we help businesses to establish innovation opportunities and to source and implement the relevant digital solutions. With a dedicated in-house transformation director, our team offers outstanding experience in delivering technology transformation projects across various industries including with Capgemini, ARM and Arriva as well as the formation of a multimillion-pound technology solutions business.

IT Security Procurement

Whilst technological advancement offers huge opportunities for businesses, it also presents increased risk. With the growing use of cloud-based servers to store important documents and customer information, it is more important than ever that businesses are able to safeguard their operations against cyber threats.

A robust security strategy is essential for businesses to protect invaluable internal resources, as well as to give customers peace of mind that their personal data is safe from malware and hackers. At Arrowhead, our team can help stakeholders to establish potential areas of weakness within your digital operations and to establish the relevant software or internal operational capabilities needed to mitigate such risks.

IT security procurement can help your business to:

Protect confidentiality customer data

Protect key business assets including intellectual property and commercially sensitive data

Retain brand reputation and customer loyalty

Remain compliant with relevant industry regulations and legislation

Continue implement digital transformation without fear or cyber threats

Why choose us as your trusted IT procurement specialists?

We aim to offer our clients a seamless experience, managing the whole process from start to finish; from submitting requests for proposals (RFPs) to managing deliverables from successful contractors. In fact, we’re regularly praised by our clients for our hands-on approach to procurement. After all, we want you to have time to focus on the aspects of your business that need your attention.

Further to this, our procurement experts boast a huge wealth of experience in IT procurement projects, having worked with SMEs all the way to Fortune 500 Global listed organisations. No matter the size of your business, our team are equipped to offer the relevant guidance and recommendations to achieve your IT requirements.

We plan for the future

Beyond sourcing suppliers that suit the requirements of your business, our team of experts are always on the lookout for additional capabilities and services that suppliers can offer that may supplement your organisational activities. For IT suppliers this may include 24/7 support or a local technician to ensure that your organisation is always safeguarded against technological issues.

Unlike some other procurement firms, we also believe that IT procurement decisions shouldn’t be based on the lowest bid-price alone. In fact, we usually focus procurement decisions on ROI rather than the acquisition cost. Whilst the latter may offer short term benefits, our strategy ensures that any IT services or materials supplied for your business offer long-term value and stronger margins.

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