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Looking for Construction Procurement services? You’ve come to the right place. At Arrowhead procurement our team have a combined 30 years of experience helping SME businesses just like yours to fulfil construction projects in a cost-effective and timely manner. Our ethos is simple – we drive down costs on the products and services that you need, bringing your project in on budget and on time.

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What is Construction Procurement?

How are our suppliers selected?

How can our Construction Procurement team help you?

Why work with us?

What we can offer you

What is Construction Procurement?

Construction procurement is the strategic process of acquiring materials and suppliers for construction projects. Whilst this may sound simple, construction management procurement can be a complex and time-consuming process with every material (down to the last nail!) needing to be sourced and every service provider contracting – be that the builder, designers, or electricians – to name but a few.

For each material and service required to complete the project, a procurement specialist will create a specification and request for proposals (RFPs) from relevant suppliers. All proposals are then evaluated against the client’s goals to ascertain which proposals best suit the project’s specifications. Once the best supplier for each material and service has been identified, contracts and deliverables are negotiated, and the project is then executed under the ongoing supervision of the construction procurement specialist.

How are our
suppliers selected?

A procurement specialist will award construction contracts to suppliers according to a number of factors such as:

Cost of goods

Quality of goods

Speed of delivery

Experience and recommendation

Associated opportunities and risks

A successful construction procurement strategy will prioritise the client’s goals, ensuring that the desired quality is delivered within a timeframe and budget the suits the client’s requirements.

How can our Construction Procurement team help you?

Our construction procurement management will begin with a thorough consultation to explore your project’s scope of work. We will work with you to understand your specific requirements in terms of supplies and contractors as well as the project budget and timeframe

Our team of expert construction procurement specialists will then work on a procurement plan before acquiring project tenders. Using the information set out within the initial consultation we will review all tenders’ proposals and instruct the suppliers or contractors that can offer the greatest demonstrable experience at the best value to our client.

But our services do not end there. As part of our construction procurement process, our team will:

Negotiate with suppliers and contractors to drive down costs

Manage inter-party communications to save you time

Draft contracts for suppliersand sub-contractors to set deliverables and clear expectations

Ensure payments to suppliers are made upon project completion to uphold contractor relationships and your business’ reputation

Why work with us?

Construction clients choose us for one very simple reason: we save them time and money.

But beyond that, we are consistently praised for our transparent approach to procurement; we don’t believe in hidden costs and our clients only pay the fair price for work that is successfully conducted on their projects. Our commitment to an open and fair working process ensures that contractors are on the same page as our clients from day one – eradicating room for miscommunication and silly mistakes which can otherwise cost time and money.

Further to this, our extensive experience in construction procurement has allowed us to streamline each process involved with construction projects, including:


Our team offers extensive experience across a number of industries. By appointing you a relevant procurement specialist, you can leverage the pre-existing knowledge and experience of your specialist, including their network of suppliers and service providers.


The acquisition and delivery of materials often presents the greatest risk to project deadlines and completion. Having worked with multiple suppliers over the years, we know how to ensure the timely delivery of materials from your chosen manufacturer to the job site.

Contract management:

Our supplier contracts are specifically drafted to ensure that nothing is left to chance or interpretation. We thoroughly believe that well-drafted contracts are the foundation of successful construction projects, ensuring that all contractors are clear on expectations and deliverables.


Logistics play a central role in ensuring the timely delivery of your project. Our team of procurement experts manage communications between suppliers and contractors to ensure the continued progression of your project.

International market knowledge:

Our extensive knowledge of the construction industry allows us to offer informed recommendations to our clients on materials, costs and supplies from numerous international manufacturers. The proves invaluable for clients who need projects executing in a swift manner, or for projects with smaller budgets that necessitate a cheaper supply of goods.

Industry compliance:

Our clients can rest assured that our team are always up to date with industry regulations and import / export compliance so as to avoid costly hiccups to your project.

What can we offer you?

As part of our construction procurement services, we offer:

Procurement planning & strategy creation

RFP development

RFP management

Proposal analysis

Tender evaluations

Commercial negotiations

Subcontract drafting

Owing to our experience in construction procurement we have established a strong network of suppliers and service providers across the industry. Our subsequent purchasing power allows us to negotiate some of the best rates available in the market. When you choose Arrowhead as your chosen construction procurement specialists, you will gain access to some of the best rates and quality services available in the market.

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